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LUV: 1981 4x4
Name: Josh Richmond
Location: Farmington, PA USA
Forum Name: fastt1000
Notes: I just bought a 1981 Chevy LUV 4x4 in need of a motor, which I got out of a donor truck with a bad frame. It has almost no rust on the body and frame is perfect. I plan on adding a cab visor, tonneau cover, 2 or 3 inch body lift, and some agressive mud tires. Should be a fun, rare truck.


LUV: 1972 Daily Driver
Name: Matthew Martelle
Location: Underhill, VT USA
Forum Name: VTLUV
Notes: My truck is a sweet looking truck I am 15 and love old trucks and cars.


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Al Gattie
Location: Chickamauga, GA USA
Forum Name: Yankee
Notes: Im on my second 1980 luv.My first was 2wd and i now up'ed to a 4x4.You can sure have a hard time finding suspension parts.If anyone out there has a 1980 4x4 for parts,I'd like to here about it so i can climb more trees.It must be series 10.


LUV: 1978 Daily Driver
Name: Dave Stach
Location: Tacoma, WA, WA USA
Forum Name: chevluvguy
Notes: 1978 daily driver with 4.3 liter V6, turbo 350 trans, B&M mega shifter, stock rearend.


LUV: 1978 On/Off Road
Name: Rich Rush
Location: Phoenix, AZ USA
Forum Name: MJ
Notes: It's compact size


LUV: 1974 Street
Name: Kevin Casillas
Location: Fort Worth, TX USA
Forum Name: duffman
Notes: My 74' mikado isnt in good shape right now, but im trying to get her back in to shape. She has been sitting for 6 years and i need to get her back on the road. As soon as i get a motor and fix the rust spots, and paint her, look out world!


LUV: 1982 Street
Name: Ken Attkisson
Location: Rockville, VA USA
Forum Name: attkisson
Notes: 4X4 diesel-rebuilt at 120,000 due to injector chamber problems in head. HELP--frame is rusted out completely at front spring mount passager side. Anybody make any weld on braces?


LUV: 1974 On/Off Road
Name: Cameron Ross
Location: Cottage Grove, OR USA
Forum Name: cameron_ross
Notes: I am 15 years old and just finished working off the $300 my grandma wnated for her 74 Mikado shoveling her horses crap. Any ways when I say On/Off Road I mean off road as in still sittin in the driveway. Its all stock exept for a Weber carb that some fool put on without tuning it. trying to sort that out now. Severly cracked dash from sittin in the sun for like 5 years. looks like a child put toghether the wiring under the steering wheel. The paint on the hood is almost all gone replaced my rust. All that wrong and still when I look at it I just want so bad to be able to drive it. Well I don't know a lot about the engine on it or any engines really but my dad is gonna help me with that. Anyhow I really think I bought the right truck because hey if all of you guys are happy then the LUV must be in the air.


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Eisaku Shirato
Location: Fullerton, CA USA
Forum Name: 760GEO
Notes: 1.8L Original Engine with 4 speed trans, 2WD, AC. All mechanical and electrical system work properly. I am still working on cosmetics. My college roommate in Virginia had 78 LUV. We drove her around everywhere. Now, I own LUV.


LUV: 1976 Street
Name: Cody
Location: Vallejo, CA USA
Notes: 1976 Chevy LUV with 1979 buick small block motor, slammed shaved door handles lubers in tailgate & hood, cust rachet shifter, narowed 9 inch ford rear end turbo trans. outo,tono cover i love this truck every thing workz! i love my LUV


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Dee Buford
Location: Rome, GA USA
Forum Name: Bassman
Notes: Bought it as a project for a few bucks. Seems to be mechanically a good work truck. It has some cosmetic issues, mostly rust and flaking paint. No real body damage other than a couple of bent bumpers. Very cold natured though. Plan on taking my time and making it beautiful.


LUV: 1979 Daily Driver
Name: Noah
Location: Barnsville, GA USA
Forum Name: noah
Notes: I bought my truck for 300 dollars and it had 32000 miles on it it just needed a carb., its been a great truck i recently rebuilt the engine and am int hte process of restoring it, im tring to find parts for the engine for performance need some help all i can find is a header.one of the best trucks ive had.


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Matt Cross
Location: Bakersfield, CA USA
Forum Name: ironcross
Notes: This truck was given to me by my grandpa. He had a stroke and could not drive it any more


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: T.W. Patton
Location: Willamina , OR USA
Forum Name: T.W.
Notes: this has been a wonderful truck to me throughout the years but whil replacing the ead on it the timing became offset can anyone send me information on how to set the timing on a 1.8 four cylinder izuzu anything will help thank you.


LUV: 1981 Daily Driver
Name: Mike May
Location: Warren, AR USA
Forum Name: may's luv
Notes: 1981 luv diesel with 5 speed. This was my dad's truck, bought it new. now it has 175,000 miles on it and a bad trans. if any of you out there have done an engin swap for an 81 or 82 diesel and have a 5 speed for those years laying around please give me a shout. I would realy like to fix this truck.


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Kevin Jones
Location: Norfolk, VA USA
Notes: Newly acquired 1980 Luv 4x4. A friend of mine recently wrecked my 1978 Toyota 2wd that I have had for 5 years, so I started looking for a replacement. When I was younger, before I could drive, my dad used to own a 76 luv that we called Sanford. He always bragged so much about how much fun it was to drive. He sold it to some kid for 200 bucks and has regretted it ever since. So when I started looking for a replacement for the Toyota, I had my mind set on a luv. Not quite sure what all I am going to do to it, but time will tell.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Shane
Location: Edgerton, KS USA
Forum Name: barryparrish1
Notes: nice truck needs repair


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Allen Kasten
Location: Phoenix, OR USA
Notes: Very dependable. Has not broken down in the two years of ownership. Currently under restoration.


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: Nathan Thompson
Location: Tooele, UT USA
Forum Name: little bill
Notes: I am 17 a Junior in high school I had this truck since I was in 8th grade. my grandfather was driving it tel the alternatior went out in 1995, and it has been siting their since then. the truck is a 2wd and i plan to turn it into a 4wd luv truck, but I will have to do alot of work to the body because their is alot of ruck and half has eatin through the body.


LUV: 1977 Daily Driver
Name: Mike Hamman
Location: Seattle, WA USA
Notes: This truck is yellow with rims, its getting a new Corvette yellow paint job this summer. Inside and out it is in really good shape. It had bucket seats, but i put the bench back in it.I want to find a V6 for her.


LUV: 1981 Strip
Name: Jeff Foreman
Location: Odessa, TX USA
Forum Name: mighty mouse
Notes: It has a 496 / eagle rotating assy. / 4.30 gears / powerglide / foot brake only / comp 4-7 swap roller cam / holly aluminum heads / has run 10.08 @ 135mph with a backup converter @ 4500ft corrected alt. I know I can get a 9 out of it soon...home shop built 100%


LUV: 1977 Drag
Name: Charles Owen
Location: Pontotoc, MS USA
Forum Name: Charles
Notes: My Luv is one of the lightest around this part of the state. It is white with small block power. It has a Ford 9 inch rear, and rack and pinion steering. The special fact is that it only weighs 2,200 pounds. If you want to see us run check us out at Blue Mt. and Aberdeen.


LUV: 1976 4x4
Name: Nate Thompson
Location: Tooele, UT USA
Forum Name: rusty
Notes: my truck is all rusted out and could use a hole new truck but like the one i have.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Zach Dunklee
Location: Montrose, MI USA
Forum Name: zdunklee
Notes: Well it has the Mikado package, which from my understanding means some dressed up interior decorations(EX: Carpet,Door Panels), also has stock chrome rear and front bumpers, and it's yellow with the 4x4 sticker package, which makes it look like a nice little tonka truck.


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Tiffanie Cook
Location: Olympia, WA USA
Forum Name: luv_girl
Notes: I have 5 chevy luvs the 80' that I drive everyday has racing seats, a 2" lift, 29" super swampers, a crome grill guard and crome wheels and is my first LUV.


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