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LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Rodriguez
Location: Heredia, CRI
Forum Name: Rodriguez9812
Notes: My father has had the Red Luv 4x2 for 24 years and the light blue 4x4 for 4 years.


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: JoseRodriguez
Location: Heredia, CRI
Forum Name: JPablo9812
Notes: My father has had the Red Luv 4x2 for 24 years and the light blue 4x4 for 4 years.


LUV: 1977 Street
Name: oscar zavala
Location: Culiacan, MEX
Forum Name: luvzilla_77
Notes: is beutifull


LUV: 1982 On/Off Road
Name: Harsos H Reinaldi
Location: Bandung, IDN
Forum Name: harSOS
Notes: I'm using my LUVi (that's her nickname) since 1999. She is 1982, Isuzu diesel engine 2.0 L (engine's code C190), 4x4, chassis number started with KBD41..... When she came to Indonesia in 1982, the company made her to station wagon model.


LUV: 1972 Street
Name: Willsy
Location: Melbourne , AUS
Forum Name: #luvpop
Notes: doing a build and series of YouTube videos. Was originally owned by wife’s grandfathers... All original numbers with a lot of rust...


LUV: 1982 Daily Driver
Name: Sanjay Patel
Location: Ndola, ZMB
Forum Name: S-Jay
Notes: Engine and injector pump never been opened. Luv the long distance drives.


LUV: Street
Name: Frederic Smith
Location: Santiago, CHL
Forum Name: Fred Smith
Notes: 1995 Isuzu TF-type DLX SpaceCab M.P.F.I., 2.3 lt. Assembled in Chevrolet plant in Arica, Chile. Isuzu 4ZD1 motor. Fully restored and detailed. Mileage is 65,500.


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: toddy911
Location: Albany, WA AUS
Forum Name: toddy911@LUVTruck.com
Notes: I am just starting a rebuild, I am the third owner and am doing this project with my son


LUV: 1973 Street/Strip
Name: Gord
Location: Camrose, Alberta , AL CAN


LUV: 1977 Street
Name: Diego VG
Location: Atotonilco el Alto, MEX
Forum Name: DiegoVaGar
Notes: comienzo este proyecto de restauracion de Chevy Luv 1977


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Edgar Gonzalez
Location: Chihuahua, MEX
Notes: Chevy 4.3 engine and 350TH automatic trans. with B&M megashifter.


LUV: 1977 Street
Name: Hilary Hoover
Location: Newcastle , AZ AUS
Forum Name: HilaryHoover
Notes: it's luv…


LUV: 1979 On/Off Road
Name: robert macdonald
Location: Scottsburg, VA UMI
Forum Name: supadupaLUV
Notes: Sup party people I own my awesome rusted 4x4 base luv model I'm dOing rust repair at the moment but I kinda wanted to go stock white rims but I bought some.sweet six lug rallys But my biggest problem I wamt to lift truck around three inches I heard I could Get helper springs and tighten torsion bars here is my cell num 4344713303 ill post some pics tomorrow


LUV: 1977 Street
Name: Cornejo
Location: Ensenada, MEX
Forum Name: Cornejo
Notes: My luv truck is an old and problematic lot of scrap iron , but with me for many years , besides that chevy luv is family tradition for over 35 years, just i love it.


LUV: 1972 Street
Name: Michael
Location: Sydney, AUS
Forum Name: Micks72 luv pickup
Notes: I have always wanted a Chevy luv from the first time I saw one in the 70s I finally got one 2 years ago it had a lot of rust in the sill panels a G161 Isuzu engine since then I have fitted new sill panels and a 327 chev and a 2 speed power glide I want to Change the stud pattern from 6 to 5 stud and fit a set of FR20 Simmons wheels


LUV: 1974 Street
Name: Carlos
Location: CRI
Forum Name: Caliquesada
Notes: This pickup has been in my family since new, bought by my father in October 1974 being his personal vehicle to 2001. All my uncles and brothers learned to drive with. My father gave it to me and began to restore it, until December 2014 when he left the shop. Even still pending internal restoration.


LUV: 1976 Street
Name: Adrian King
Location: Sydney, AUS
Forum Name: Larry Luv Truck
Notes: 1976 . Australian delivered to Adelaide SA purchased new from a friends uncle. I'm now third owner after niece sold it to me. She learnt to drive in Larry. Has full body rear tray.


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Steve
Location: Bacolod, PHL
Forum Name: stevethepeeve
Notes: My dad's first car. Proud to own it now.


LUV: 1976 Street
Name: Theresa
Location: Ballogie, AUS
Forum Name: McLUV Truck
Notes: The best thing about my truck other than it being Awesome is the fact that I got it for nothing.. I need to source a few parts to register it and then We are away and Living the country dream.. SO if there is anyone out there who can give a Aussie girl a hand to get her truck on the road. Help me out..


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: Sherro
Location: Brisbane, AUS
Forum Name: Sherro57
Notes: There's not many LUV's in Australia, and other than them just being cool, I like them because they're pretty rare in Oz. From around 1980 (Series II)the LUV name was dropped and reverted to Isuzu KB series badging, then for series III they were badged as Holden Rodeo until recently. I've had 3 in my life time, two 4x2 and recently I bought 4x4. The 4x4 I bought for the style-side tub and almost perfect rust free cab as my 2x4 has more rust than metal. The 2x4 has an 1800 motor & 5 speed manual (floor shift) transmission, custom headers & 2 & 1/2" exhaust, bucket seats & a full set of Speco gauges. It'll be getting the head rebuilt soon and at the same time a bit of mild port work, new valves & springs, the motor is getting a full fresh up of the internals, new performance cam, new guide rods & lifters. The 5 speed box has already been rebuilt & had a new heavy duty clutch and machined flywheel. It'll go hard for a 1.8 four banger,,, but certainly won't be breaking any quarter mile records. It's just a cheap to run parts getter for other projects and a bit of fun with some 'old skool kewl' without the headache of breaking drivelines :P I'll fill the rest of this in later


LUV: 1982 Street
Name: Taufik
Location: Yogyakarta, IDN
Forum Name: taufik33
Notes: Chevrolet LUV, C190


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Allen Chadic
Location: Medford, OR UMI
Notes: This is my 80 , I found the truck at a tow yard, bought it for $475, It was Rednecked out with Camo everything. Found out the owner had ran it off into a ditch Drinking and driving, he called 911 to come pull him out....Lol, Dummy :) Anyways, I run a Truck and Car club here in Southern Oregon Called LOSTBOYS, This is one of my builds, my last LUV was 22 feet long, this one will be 38 feet when I locate 2 more cabs and beds.


LUV: 1972 Street
Name: Stuart
Location: San Jose , CRI
Forum Name: little
Notes: es único porque a estado en el grupo familiar y me gusta porque tiene ese estilo de auto clásico único


LUV: 1976 Street
Location: TEPIC, MEX


Name: tanya
Location: Cairns, AUS
Forum Name: tanyap01


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