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LUV: 1975 Daily Driver
Name: Daniel M.
Location: Marysville, WA USA
Forum Name: Dan
Notes: Stock 1.8 with Cab rattling stereo system, plan to put in a 350 or 383 with a 4-speed.


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Jon Negaard
Location: Corvallis, OR USA
Forum Name: Kuranosuke
Notes: 1980 4x4 Mikado. There is nothing special about my truck (except a completely rigged electrical system), but I'm working on it!


LUV: 1981 Daily Driver
Name: Nick
Location: Stanwood , WA USA
Forum Name: Nick
Notes: My truck is all mine. I do all the work on it and spend lots of money on it finding parts. I have two 81 luvs and and I wouldn't trade them for anything. My new red one has all new bumpers and lights and willl be lowered 3 inches in the rear and 2 inches in the front. When it is done I will put it on the site.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: John Schoolcraft
Location: Spring, TX USA
Forum Name: 79luv
Notes: My truck is a fine 79 4x4 with a 4 speed tranny, and stock engine.I bought it 5 years ago from a car dealer for 1800.00. I just couldnt resist.It was luv at first sight.Everything works great on this truck, including the a/c.(you really need that feature in southeast Texas). My little red wagon has never let me down.Can not say that about some of the newer cars!


LUV: 1972 Street/Strip
Name: Mike Gillespie
Location: Burlington, WA USA
Forum Name: toofastforluv
Notes: This is my too fast for luv prostreetluv. Tell ya later about it.


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: John Young
Location: Rutland, OH USA
Forum Name: larphead
Notes: My 2nd LUV, first was 81 2wd that i beat the hell out of. Currently disabled, im putting a 3.8 buick v6 (bored .030, mild street cam, ported heads) and th350 trans in. eng is done, just waitng for warmer weather and little more cash to finish it (like it will ever be "finished" lol) LUV my LUV


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Rick Hunt
Location: Redlands, CA USA
Forum Name: 4x4Luv
Notes: 2- 1980 4x4 Luvs. One is complete stock - no real plans besides keeping it stoock. The other is in the middle of a transplant. Not sure if it will be a 350 yet or something strange. It will be a chevy though.


LUV: 1977 Street/Strip
Name: Terry Nelson
Location: Phoenix,2 feet from hell, AZ USA
Forum Name: racelife
Notes: 77 in progress strip possibly street 406sbc th350 8" rear end 3500 stahl on methanol


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Chad Hartman
Location: Effingham, IL USA
Forum Name: 1loudluv
Notes: Bought the truck for $100. It is curently being rebuilt. Stock engine is turning 31x10.5x15 Firestones. Clearence comes from 3" body lift and tightening the torsion bars. Will be making custom flatbed later this spring. Any ideas welcome


LUV: 1978 Show Truck
Name: Todd Bury
Location: Worland, WY USA
Forum Name: Tilted
Notes: 78 Luv I got when I was 15 back in 1982, paid $2600 for it (Truck was only 6 years old at the time). Was an old farmers truck and still had some hay in the bed!! Drove it through high school and after moving to Denver I got serious into building it into a show truck around 1988, after dumping about $12,000 into it while making between $3.35 and $9.00 an hour, I spent 1988-1997 showing pretty heavy around the Denver area. Includes taking first place in several Super Chevy Shows, World of Wheels, Thunder Mtn Truck fest (first 5 years in a row). After customizing styles changing in the sport truck world, my truck became outdated and I retired it from showing in 97. It now spends its days in my father's garage in Wyoming. Some day, I will be going all out on it and be one of the most heavily modded trucks out there! SOMEDAY!!! Check out my webpage for the mods and other trucks!!


LUV: 1978 Street/Strip
Name: Tim Beezley
Location: Joplin, MO USA
Forum Name: 11sec78
Notes: bought for 400, had a ford 3.0 v6 and an overdrive tranny. swapped in 406 sbc, pro action heads, crane solid 280 288 518 536 cam, super victor intake, hooker luv headers, MSD pro billet, 830 carb, 11:1 compression, ran a best of 11.44 @ 122 with 3.42 gears. building a turbocharged 355 4 bolt main for next motor=) also has ladder bars and adjustable rear coil overs.


LUV: 1977 Street/Strip
Name: Dave H.
Location: Spokane, WA USA
Forum Name: 77ssluv
Notes: Its dodge viper yellow, 350/350, Edelbrock RPM int, heads, 850 cfm carb, 1800 stall, narrowed ford 9, N20- 125hp, XE274H-10 extreme energy cam, (.48/ .490 274/286 110'sep - great cam!) tilt bed, 31x16.5x15 hoosiers, ladder bar coil over. ETC.....


LUV: 1979 Daily Driver
Name: Eddie Tucker
Location: Oklahoma City, OK USA
Forum Name: nite crawler
Notes: Nothin really special about it...YET. Right now it Looks fast, but its got a stock 1.8 in it with a main bearing goin out, the person who had it last did all kinds of jerry riggin to the wiring, and it will do 85 on a good day. Good points are it has a decent yellow paint job and nice rims and a glass pack, hehe. It was this way when I bought it. What I plan to do is drop a 350 in it along with a 5 speed. Flowmasters. Thinkin about baggin' it. Redo wiring. Put a removable hard top kit, hard shell toneau(?) cover, shaved handels, flush the bed side panels to match cab (yes I too thought about it, he he), make the whole engine compartment lift foreward (forget what it's called, but where the front fenders, hood, and all lift foreward exposing entire engine) Paint will be a midnight blue chamelion with two 6" black stripes down the middle.


LUV: 1981 On/Off Road
Name: Dave Presnell
Location: Hawthorne , NV USA
Forum Name: toto_dave
Notes: Hey all, My 1981 LUV 4X4 is my daily driver/ hill climbin, mud stompin, sand draggin, rock crawlin, desert blastin, Truck. It's a four banger for now but hope to have 350,Muncie 465, np 205, dana 44H.D.(F) dana 60(R) This summer(03) Keep the LUV alive!! Dave


LUV: 1972 Street
Name: Randy Meese
Location: Mukilteo, WA USA
Forum Name: 72luv
Notes: I am currently starting to get ready to peice together everything I need in order to make my 72 into a street/strip racer :D I will be keeping everyone updated of the progress as well as asking advice. See ya around!!!!


LUV: 1976 Street/Strip
Name: Andy Anderson
Location: Water Valley, MS USA
Forum Name: drummerforhire
Notes: Waiting on a heart transplant.. ;)


LUV: 1975 Daily Driver
Name: Bob Soll
Location: Fort Lewis, WA USA
Forum Name: Husker4eva
Notes: Well right now it is a rolling project soon to get a V-8. It is slammed only about 3 inches of ground beneath the frame. ;-) Has a walk thru cab why?? it was that way when I got it! lol anyway I am doing work to it slowly but surely, just got the disc brake conversion 2 months ago...... Thanks to the Swap forum. It has an original 1.8 in it I have another one in the basment I have pulled apart and am reworking just in case I blow this one before I get the V-8 put in! Did I mention I love this truck ??? Keep the wheels to the ground and the needle outta the red!


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Matt
Location: Kelseyville, CA USA
Forum Name: theluvman
Notes: this truck was given to me by my grandma. since i got it when it was completely stock i have lifted it an averag of 4 in. and have put 15x6 rims from an 87 isuzu trooper and put 30x9.5. i am planning on a v-6 swap in the near future but right now i am puting my 4 banger from my 78 into it. i am also swithing fenders doors hoods and the beds so it will have a blue cab with every thing else being yellow


LUV: 1978 Street
Name: Matt
Location: Kelseyville, CA USA
Forum Name: theluvman
Notes: well this truck i bought with my own money i haven't put to much work into it just a header and kinda rigged up on open element air filter but thats about it. this trucks motor is goin into my 80 4x4 though so i wont be driving it much longer


LUV: 1974 Street
Name: John C. Lamphear III
Location: Copperas Cove, TX USA
Forum Name: Blue Meanie
Notes: 400 small block TH-350, 9" Ford axle, short bed, Blue. Bought in 1981. Got its first Buick V-6 in 86. 4 Buick motors later, and after years of neglect, the truck was reworked and got upgrades like the Ford 9” and a mildly built V-8. It’s a mild mannered missile that will cruise at 80 M.P.H. all day long (or at least till the next gas station).


LUV: 1976 Street
Name: Troy Cate
Location: Port Townsend, WA USA
Forum Name: Troy
Notes: well i have had it for bout a year now, have done some stuff to it but little low on cash. i am now putting a 305 in it.I am going to up grade though. i luv this truck.at the moment the truck is matalic midnight blue. i am going to repaint it a little darker and i have wite rims for it.


LUV: 1979 Street/Strip
Name: Mike Bailey
Location: Santaquin, UT USA
Forum Name: Argusknows
Notes: 350 SBC, TH350 trans, Ford 9" rearend, Weiand intake, Edelbrock Carb, RV cam, Ignitor II, and stepside bed.


LUV: 1980 Street/Strip
Name: Travis Stewart
Location: Chattanooga, TN USA
Forum Name: luv4me
Notes: Always Under construction..... feel free to check my website out or email me with any questions.


LUV: 1978 Street
Name: Lowell Cantillo
Location: Vancouver, WA USA
Notes: Box stock 1.8, 4 speed trans, Bell Tech 3" drop, the rest is still in the works...using this as an backup vehicle for when I can't ride my bikes...


LUV: 1975 Street/Strip
Name: James Bassett
Location: San Diego, CA USA
Forum Name: rustobust
Notes: 350\350 setup 8 inch ford, 3.73 gears with mini spool. Hasn't been to the track yet, still under construction!!!!!!!


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