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LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Jerry Tolin
Location: Cleveland, TN USA
Forum Name: ecr14jerry
Notes: I call my truck the blues clues truck. It's the same color as blue on blues clues. It's two tone, light blue and dark blue and it has blue the dog graphics on the hood and front window. It has a 4 cyl. Izuzu eng. and a four speed trans. I bought it from a old man who bought it brand new. It's still in great shape even after all these years.


LUV: 1982 Daily Driver
Name: Michael
Location: Como, MS USA
Notes: 1982 Chevy Luv 2.2 LTR Diesel engine. Runs very well has only 152,000 miles on it. All original. Just needs a new set of glow plugs. So if anyone knows where to find some let me kow thanks.


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Jay Doublar
Location: Newberg, OR USA
Notes: Bought it for $1.


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Roger Ginn
Location: Paris, TN USA
Notes: I have just started my project truck, 327 out of a 1965 corvette and 70s model muncie 4 speed. Anybody needing an orginal engine 1.9L and 5 speed trans I have one for sale


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: John Ray Morse
Location: Kansas, KS USA
Forum Name: darkknight
Notes: it was my first truk


LUV: 1974 Show Truck
Name: Mike Zimmerman
Location: Danville, AR USA
Notes: Metallic blue paint done pro. Stereo system that rattles the windows. Still has the factory 4cyl 4 speed motor and trans.


LUV: 1981 Street
Name: Dustin Moss
Location: Raytown, MO USA
Notes: I love my truck because nobody my age knows about it and they think they know everyting about cars.


LUV: 1981 Street
Name: Kenny Deal
Location: Canton, OH USA
Notes: lowerd 5 inches,crome crager mag wheels, i put my licence plate i my tailgate tilted in a frenched box, custom 2in. exhaust straight pipe to a glass pak at the rear of the truck with a custom header made it comes out the middle of the back with a dull tip icut the bottom half of the cab to make room for my 2 15 inch subwoofers, going to put a 16g eclipse turbo on the four cycl. and also cant decide if i want to do air ride or hydrolics. not painted primed but plan on painting it whisper ghost white with red graphics. put on a body kit which berreta side skirts will fit with a little cutting.


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Snooky
Location: Richland, MS USA
Forum Name: Snooky
Notes: This truck has been in the family since it was 2 years old. Its been a very reliable truck. Valve cover has never been off. Still has the original clutch. Had to replace the original U Joints recently. Body is in excellent shape. Its primer gray at this time. It is also For Sale.


LUV: 1976 Street/Strip
Name: Christopher Green
Location: Brownstown, IN USA
Notes: I just bought my Chevy Luv. I hope someday to make it into Street/Strip truck. It is fire engine red with a 400cid V-8.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Brandon Smith
Location: Pinehurst, TX USA
Forum Name: mini monster
Notes: my mini monster has a 4 1/2 inch bodylift to tuck the set of 33/12.50/15 procomp mudterrains. it has origanal motor and chasis the tank has be relocated to the bed for saftey im am lookin for a staight axle for the front so i can put 36in swampers i can tuck them now but cant turn so if u find ne plz email me playa188502@hotmail.com ne ways a few mods have been made and its soon to have more


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Paul Anderson
Location: Vancouver, WA USA
Forum Name: LUVgoneBAD!
Notes: I'm getting ready to start my 4th LUV V8 conversion. This one will have a SB Chevy350 with a Muncie M-22 Tranny and custom hydralic throwout bearing, also a dual quad tunnelram with 2 Holly 450's. Everything will be chrome or polished, so wish me luck. Pics to follow soon.


LUV: 1981 Street
Name: Rick Oster
Location: Tumwater, WA USA
Forum Name: tumwatertaz
Notes: 1981 chevy luv dropped all around,beefed rear springs, 10 in. deep chrome wheels with 205/60/14 tires, built 1.8 , trooper 5spd tranny, 6-way electric buckets, custom gauges, custom console, halogen blue headlights, bedliner, kickass 500 watt stereo system, slider back window, more to come!...(work in progress.)


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: Thomas Kain
Location: Escondido, CA USA
Forum Name: ca luvstruck
Notes: Bought mu Luv about a year ago. My son claims it as his. (It probably will be!) It is in pretty good shape. Canary yellow CA Stepside body. Son wants to but in V-8. We'll see......


LUV: 1980 Street/Strip
Name: Rick James
Location: Macon, GA USA
Forum Name: rick james
Notes: 1980 with a 406sbc/powerglide 3800 stall 4:11 gear 13/31 slicks roll cage Runs 7:15 1/8 mile 1.48 60 ft and 11:39 in 1/4 mile. The truck is street legal but I cannot afford the gas to much. The truck is a blast to drive and I spend to much money on it.


LUV: 1978 Street
Name: Pat Banser
Location: Frankfort, IL USA
Forum Name: pbanz123
Notes: basically stock and mostly original.


LUV: 1975 Street
Name: Henry Wade
Location: Amory, MS USA
Forum Name: henrywade
Notes: My Luv is a 1979 4x4. It has a rebuilt 4 cyl. I have just redone the interior and gave it a new paint job.


LUV: 1976 Pro Street
Name: Kris Shields
Location: Ethel, MS USA
Forum Name: Kris
Notes: Dude, Chevy Luv Trucks Are The Coolest Truck Every Built. To any body that has one you gota luv the luv trucks. Thanks Kris


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Jeff Thomas
Location: Bothell, WA USA
Notes: I purchased my LUV new in 1980. It was the cheapest new small pick-up you could buy. Have only put 109K miles on it. Never had anything major wrong with it. It's so darn easy to maintain & repair, I'm sure I'll be driving it another 23 years!


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Chris Harden
Location: Coal Hill, AR USA
Forum Name: hawkeye
Notes: My truck is an old 4x4 rust bucket but it's mine. I just finished rebuilding the engine to get it on the road. There's a lot of work that will need doing but I'm sure I can turn it into what I want. Thanks for the site guys and keep up the good work.


LUV: 1981 On/Off Road
Name: Christopher Detour
Location: Norfolk, NE USA
Forum Name: cddetour
Notes: I bought my luv in june, and have done very little 4 wheeling action. I plan on lifting it and putting tires on. Just put in a new clutch, and brakes. It has a 1800 cc motor, 4 speed, 4x4, 2 10" subs, with 600 watt amp, 2 5 1/4" door speakers, and a cd player. Also, I removed the rear bumper and put on a piece of 4" channel with a trailer hitch (for the boat), and plan on building a tube front bumper/brush guard.


LUV: 1979 Daily Driver
Name: Jerry D Self
Location: Birmingham, AL USA
Notes: My truck has the original 4 cylinder engine, and 4 wheel drive. I am setting it up for Prophane. The work will begin July 20,03. I am very happy to discover luvtruck.com .


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: William
Location: Salisbury, NC USA
Notes: We have a 1979 luv street legal and it is tubed out. We need a bed that is in good condition, but we love our truck...


LUV: 1987 Street
Name: Tyler
Location: Newbern, TN USA
Notes: its light babe blue with 16" rim's. It trashes other trucks when I race.really don't know that much about the rest i just got it and just tested it out with some friends got it about 2 days back it gets 41 miles to the gal. its disel with 2 str8 pipes. i thing i'm going to get a stack put on latter maybe when i'm 18 right now i'm just 16 but thats about all i know now;when i learn more i put it up.


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Chris
Location: Crescent, OR USA
Forum Name: Chris
Notes: I have a 1980 Chevy Luv That was givin to me in shambles, (hey it was free)I painted it black with Grabber green on the windshield wipers, Valve cover, and fan, along with other places. Bucket seats, Indy Shifter, Cobra CB and Radar Detecter, a TSI tach. I has a overall 6" lift with custom Bumpers,Custom Roll bar and Custom Nerf bars, It sits on 35/13.5/16 Micky Thompson Baja Claws. I am Planning on putting a Chevy 350 in my Luv or a Pontiac 400, Not sure yet. I also plan on putting a CD player and off road lights on it and a Warn 8000lb Winck. Over all it's a BAD ASS LUV


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