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LUV: 1977 Drag
Name: Bubba Lax
Location: Memphis, TN USA
Forum Name: Dragracer
Notes: I have a '77 LUV,that my uncle bought new.A few years later my father bought it from him.He drove it for a few years.From there it bounced around between my brother and myself. Until about 6 years ago.Thats when i got it back.The day that i got it is the day we started turning it into a race truck.It's been a long time in the making,but it will be worth it in the end. I should have some pictures posted soon,along with more details. 1V8LUV


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Blaine Hall
Location: Paris, TX USA
Notes: Bought my LUV at a raffle for $5 plus TT&L Total $145.62 and drove it home. Everything works even the A/C. I probly wont big block it till I burn up the 1.8 Izusu P.O.S.


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: William
Location: Oklahoma, OK USA
Notes: I want to sell mine. I dont drive it so I need to sell it


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Vishal
Location: Avon, CT USA
Forum Name: BEETLEVH
Notes: 79 LUV 4x4 with power steering. Lots of electrical upgrades.


LUV: 1974 Street/Strip
Name: Chad Cline
Location: Orange, CA USA
Forum Name: blonluv
Notes: This truck has been in hot rod 2 times trucking and hot rod swimsuit issue it won the 1979 street nationals for pro street and make 700hp on the street


LUV: 1979 On/Off Road
Name: Ryan Whinery
Location: Lisbon, OH USA
Forum Name: 19794x4Luv
Notes: factory air mikado trim


LUV: 1975 Street
Name: Kevin Terry
Location: Ferndale, WA USA
Forum Name: Kevin Terry
Notes: My '75 is still a still a project truck, but it currently has a small block 305 from a 79 chevy stationwagon. I will be putting a 4 speed in it shortly.


LUV: 1979 Street/Strip
Name: Brandon Klang
Location: Yakima, WA USA
Notes: I am looking to put a 3.8 chevy v6 in my chevy luv. If any one know how email me. I am looking for a dash too.


LUV: 1981 Street/Strip
Name: Cris Battles
Location: Ashville, AL USA
Forum Name: luv355
Notes: This is the first Luv I have owned. It has a fairly hopped up 350, it's been a lot of fun. With more to come as I add to the motor.


LUV: 1973 Street/Strip
Name: Leonard Orozco Jr.
Location: Tucson, AZ USA
Forum Name: wicked73luv
Notes: 350 small block, toyota front spindles, turbo 350 trans, homemade backhalf with comp. engineering 4-link and chris alston coilovers, ford 9-inch with 35-spline axles and full spool with 4.56 gears, 32-14x15 ET Drag slicks on 15x14 weld draglite wheels, fronts are 15x3.5 draglites with 165-r15 tires. Truck is driven at least 3-4 times a week back and forth to work and around town for errands and also on weekends.


LUV: 1979 Daily Driver
Name: Corey Williams
Location: Goldthwaite, TX USA
Notes: I have two luv trucks one is a (runing)1979 Mikado 4x4 with A/C and 4-speed trans. with 4:56 gears and 3" body lift, another is one of the first luvs made its a 1971 2WD Cally Step with an ford 302 Boss motor and a C-4 trans. with possy rear end, 12" rear rems and 7" front rems. But too bad one is not running, have the stuff but no money. SEE PICS


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Zeke
Location: Colorado Springs, CO USA
Forum Name: zvarela
Notes: I have a 79' 4x4 complete for sale, $400.00. The head is bad and was running when it was set aside. Truck is sitting on rims. Please make an offer.


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: Dennis Keaton
Location: Eagle Point, OR USA
Forum Name: diarmadhim
Notes: 76 is a daily driver. Just got it (Oct 2003) w/ 60000mi on it nice truck completely stock. Soon to get the 80 sitting around the corner and do a v8 conv. Will be the second v8 conv I've had, sold the other in 93 283/350 in that one. Luv these things!


LUV: 1972 Daily Driver
Name: Nick Bittler
Location: OH USA
Notes: My LUV restoration is quite the project... It presents lots of problems for me to solve, but I never give up on my LUV....


LUV: 1975 Daily Driver
Name: Reggie Morgan
Location: Houston, TX USA
Forum Name: LiL' LUV
Notes: Daily driver with original drivetrain, 4in drop with Weld wheels, new exhaush, etc., 80,000 original miles. Plans to install 454ci, powerglide, 9in w/ladder bar, and narrowed stock frame rails.


LUV: 1979 Daily Driver
Name: Kyle Nagle
Location: Tullahoma, TN USA
Forum Name: luvon
Notes: Rusty but trusty, gets me to work on time, it can climb with it's 1.9.


LUV: 1976 Street/Strip
Name: Bill Armand Bonsaint
Location: Graham, WA USA
Notes: I got it in PA for 600 a runner driver. Took home and tore it apart. I put in a 406ci chevy sb,muncie 21 4 spd, ford 9" (notnarrowed) full floater locked disc brake 350 rear end.New dash parts and gages from auto meter. Jegs helped me lots for parts. I raced limited sportsmen class at south sound, car totaled one day so I put all I had in race car into my luv pu. wood sides and tail gate I call it thumper. To much to list but willing to show and tell to help others in area with theres.Haven't been to track to see times but we all figure about 450 to 480 horse. Its a fun ride and I'am looking for a club.


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Ryan Bechtold
Location: Cheyenne , WY USA
Notes: Its multi colored due to an accident. The clutch rod broke and went into the guard rail.


LUV: 1979 On/Off Road
Name: Joseph Reagan
Location: Yerington, NV USA
Forum Name: dodoman
Notes: I baught it for 50 buck at a junkyard. Now all I need is rims, tires and paint job.


LUV: 1974 Street/Strip
Name: Johnathon
Location: Springfield , MO USA
Notes: My truck is a 1974 chevy luv no rust on it. It has a 327 in it right now but i am working on a 350 and new paint. The truck is black right now but the new color is yellow. The truck is used for street and strip but mainly strip because of gas.


LUV: 1974 Street/Strip
Name: Tom Braver
Location: Henderson , NV USA
Forum Name: 74 LUV 9.50
Notes: Painted house of color Sweet Pee green Has been balk halfed ,650 horse small block chevy, Dart heads and intake corello 6.20 rods, 13.5 to 1, 690 roller jones camshaft all MSD ignition ,5000 stall ,5.13 strange gears 14/32 w goodyears


LUV: 1981 Daily Driver
Name: William Brown Jr.
Location: Columbus, GA USA
Notes: I just love my Chevy Luv Truck.


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Eddie Rangel
Location: Grand Prairie, TX USA
Forum Name: Coach Eddie,W.B.T.
Notes: I recently bought my Chevy Luv for 800.00 I have been bothering this guy for it the past four years until finally he gave up.I would like to put a small blk in it , this year it will be my project, I need help with it guys as far as the front clip, ect.ect...


LUV: 1981 Daily Driver
Name: Mark Rogers
Location: Bumpass, VA USA
Notes: Color, Bright Yellow! 4x4 works great!!! Runs super!!! Has roll bar and off road lights. Best thing about this truck was the price. Bought from a girl for only 275.00. LUV THE LUV!!!


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Eldridge Goins
Location: Austin, TX USA
Forum Name: jazzer24
Notes: '80 longbed, original 1800cc 4 banger. two-tone red and white paint, gonna keep it mechanically stock, while fixing up the appearance. gonna add a camper top. if the motor ever dies, I'm gonna drop a 6-cyl. into it.


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