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LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Marty Kennedy
Location: St. Helens, OR USA
Forum Name: FRoG, man
Notes: Well, the FRoG is nearly done... it's alive, it stops, and it steers. Since my last post of nearly a year ago, lots has gone on. I found a plastic post Quadratrac Wagoneer fuel tank to clear the new driveshaft. It was built by the best driveshaft shop on Earth: Driveline Service of Portland. (a little bias for I worked there 20 years ago.) Little by little and with some help from my friends we got the cab mounted on homemade brackets. That took the longest time of anything to set up. But once it was done, it ain't going anywhere. The engine after nearly two years of sitting, started right up and the 5 speed Trooper tranny is way quieter than the 4 speed it originally had. The box is mocked up for now, I'm still deciding to bob it or leave it. Somehow that dreaded 'import' overhang remains.. but then again I like the Chevy 6'8" idea of their short box. Once I refit the front fenders to match the front wheels' location it shouldn't look as weird. Bigger tires would help too. But I'll let the pics speak for themselves. It's turning out to being quite the project. In the Bible it says, "Nothing is impossible with God." Given that I'm what they call, "Low vision" or on the ragged edge of legally blind in the best eye... I can attest to the fact that verse is true. May the testimony and the pics be an encouragement to anyone out there who's going through hard times. Just gotta hang in there, trust Jesus, and go for it. Shalom, Marty


LUV: 1977 4x4
Name: Nic
Location: Albany, OR USA
Forum Name: bajaman
Notes: I bought it for cheap and it has a 9 inch supsesion lift on it with 31" tires, still has stock 4 clinder with 4 speed tranny, it is a good truck , have not been stuck yet


LUV: 1979 On/Off Road
Name: ChrisD.
Location: Heflin, AL USA
Forum Name: ChrisD.
Notes: My luv has the stock 4-banger but has 30in birds on it, a 3in. body lift, and a 4in. susp. lift. I have replaced the clutch, did some minor motor work, added strait pipes, a paint job, tinted the windows, built new bumpers and added some interior and exterior lights and accessories.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Thomas T. Shaw III
Location: San Antonio, TX USA
Forum Name: tshawiii
Notes: Well my best friend owned the truck and he and I talked about fixing it up. He recently passed away and his mother gave me the truck real cheap..so in his honor I'll finish what he and I dreamed about.. as I can afford It I'll restore It. It seems as I enter into this project it may be hard to find parts so If anyone out there can help then I thank you very much. Thomas T. Shaw III 5910 Cliff Rock Dr., San Antonio Tx. 78250


LUV: 1978 Daily Driver
Name: Fred & Carla Springs
Location: Luling, TX USA
Forum Name: redneck365
Notes: Just got my 78 Luv. Rebuilding the engine now. Hope to be driving it in a few days. Has the 1.8L still, but have plans for a Vortec 4.3 90degree V-6 soon.


LUV: 1978 Daily Driver
Name: Mark Silva Jr
Location: Anderson, CA USA
Forum Name: masterathlon
Notes: Bought it as a tired wreak and plan on fixing it up to look new agian.. Any and all help welcome :D


LUV: 1975 Daily Driver
Name: John Siscel
Location: Evansville, IN USA
Forum Name: dudeIgottaLUV
Notes: It is my winter beater for now but since i saw this site i am probally going to fix it up to be as nice as my nova. Anyways Iam in the process ov dropping in a smallblock.


LUV: 1973 Pro Street
Name: Thomas Schnacker
Location: Crescent City, CA USA
Forum Name: smokingun
Notes: I've been building thid truck for a couple years now....I lost the pics that I took of the rear end being built but here is the ones that I do have.....My truck has a 400 small block bored 30 over. 194 heads complete milling/decking valve job magna flux. Pistons are 10 1/2 to 1 TRW Forged rods 400 crank line board and ballanced. Double roller timing chain. High volume oil pump grade 8 bolt kit. MSD ignition (all engine work done by Reggie Jackson in South San Francisco) Rearend is a mopar 8 3/4 possi (built By Don Nuss@ redwood welding in Crescent City,Ca. Door handles,fenders,antana shaved by my good friend William Winn...(keep looking for his luv)paint is Electric Blue Metallic Valspar Precision Pro High gloss Enamal.I'm hoping to have it finished by summer 2004.


LUV: 1979 Strip
Name: Tal Holmes
Location: Tylertown, MS USA
Forum Name: Heavychevyred
Notes: this luv is a boogie scott chassie, streached 6'' on back bed. has a (540c.i.d.) Bill Mitchell racing engine. T.C.I. trans with brake, nogular 9'' rear, all strange + 4 way coilover's. has all elect's you can put in one.will run (8.40's) 1/4 all day. thank's (Tal Holmes)


LUV: 1977 Street/Strip
Name: Rob fleek
Location: Clevland, TN USA
Forum Name: luvtruck 4
Notes: I have been working on my truck for some time now. When I first got the truck it was original but I like to modify things, first started with the engine. Then I cut the frame shortened 9in.rearend suspension and much more. What I like best about my truck is that there isn't another like it.


LUV: 1980 Street/Strip
Name: Michael
Location: Calhoun, GA USA
Forum Name: chevyluvman
Notes: It's a 355 with flattops 10.5comp 461 heads little porting 515 lift cam holly intake and carb 400 trans 3500 stall with a 4.62 gear it run a 7.30 in 1/8mile on 93 pump gas and it has 50,000 miles and still runs good


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Steve Woods
Location: Waynesville, NC USA
Forum Name: Steve
Notes: 79 4x4 was purchased new by my father. I learned to drive at 9yrs old with this truck dragging the baseball field at local schools where I played. 90k miles. Burnt Orange. Re-paint in 86. I got this truck in Oct. 03 from my father, as my son is now 9yrs. old. Is being re-done again now. Currently in paint shop. I installed a new 2-inch lift. 15x7 chevy rallys w/ flat disc brake covers (machined front for hubs). 235-75-15 all terrain tires. I have new hickey dbl tube rear bumper, hickey roll bar, and hickey grille guard to be installed. Will repaint original paint code. Hope my son will not think this is too goofey for him.


LUV: 1978 Daily Driver
Name: Chris Hare
Location: Huntington, OR USA
Forum Name: wicked
Notes: I am a 19 year old stuck out in the middle of no where and had to have a project. I had the idea of putting a v8 in a LUV truck, but all my friends and those who I wasn't exactly friends with around here said I couldn't do it by myself so I decided to prove them wrong. This is a 1978 short bed that had been through multiple heart transplants including Toyota 22r and 20r. I swapped it out to the current motor which is a GM Goodwrench 350 hooked up to a 350 turbo tranny which I just happened to come across from the same dealer that the LUV had been at a year before I purchased it. I added Edelbrock 600cfm carb sitting on an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, and topped with a chrome Edelbrock air cleaner. Patriot Tight Truck headers leading back to 30" glasspacks give it that well known v8 sound, but is still relatively quiet. I purchased a Spectra chrome kit an chrome valve cover mount wire deviders which accompanied by the Edelbrock products really set it out from how it once looked. To increase power I removed everything on the front except the water pump, and I will only be running fully synthetic oil (not cheap) to reduce the friction in this relatively high mileage motor. Currently the truck is in my garage due to the fact that I have had too many complaints since I started driving it (people don't like it when someone with youth in my town does something right). Future plans include a LT1 350 which I will order (as most of my other parts) through JEGS. I would like to thank my boss for allowing me the use of the company shop and engine lift (fork lift), and the JEGS associates for their assistance.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Ian Baughman
Location: Glide, OR USA
Forum Name: Geovoni
Notes: Yea.. i have a 4x4 luv pick, and i cant name one place it cant go( excluding inside buildings) awsome for hunting etc. Completly stock.


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Devin Duggins
Location: Gassville , AR USA
Notes: It’s lifted about 4inches, bright yellow, roll bar, grill guard, bfgoodrich A/T are coming soon. I just got it repainted I love it. I got it as a gift for my sweet 16; my grandpa bought new it 1980. It’s well taken care of. Still the stock 4 cylinder 4 speed. Great truck.


LUV: 1972 Drag
Name: Gus Kaloudis
Location: Philadelphia, PA USA
Forum Name: Luvdartruck
Notes: My friend Mike and I recently got the 72 Luv and are making some changes, hope to be racing in spring of 2004. Future plans include big block or possibly blower.


LUV: 1972 Street
Name: Steven S.
Location: Arcata, CA USA
Forum Name: FirstLuv
Notes: Mint condition!! It only has 45K miles on it. ZERO RUST!!


LUV: 1979 Street/Strip
Name: Robert Holley
Location: Elizabeth City, NC USA
Forum Name: Holleywood
Notes: This truck is powered by a powerful 283 ci SBC. Very Spunky. It is a dream of my brother and I to build a street/strip machine. Our motto is "Luv 4 Life!!"


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: David Peters
Location: Hohenwald, TN USA
Forum Name: luvmuddin
Notes: 79 Monster Luv 4x4 has total of about 6" lift and 31x10.50 mudders. Completely rebuilt it from a junk pile in 98. It's not much to look at but it will go anywhere and I drive it daily.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Chris Routh
Location: Sherwood, AR USA
Forum Name: stonecold
Notes: nothing special about my luv, its awesome in the mud with regular 28-8.50 R14 Super swamper mud tires she'll go man go. A 1.8 liter Isuzu motor powers this huntin truck, haven't driven on the road in ten years, off road only! It was my grandpas truck and when he died my dad gave it to me.


LUV: 1972 Drag
Name: Eddy
Location: Springfield, OR USA
Forum Name: spaghetti man
Notes: 72 luv with a 400hp small block 350 thurbo 350 custom made mounts gm 12 bolt posi trac 3:73 gears narowwed and tubbed braied fuel and brakelines 4 whell drum line lock in the front rx7 seats custom made wiring harness push button start ford soleniod conversion tinted black windows "luv machine" sticker from the first time i went to the porn shop howe aliminum radiator smooth black paint with blue flames and orange pearl Soon to have full customized dash 4 link suspension 150hp sniper nos system polished aluminum gas tank all work done on truck is buy me and my shop "westide fabrications"


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Eddie Schrader
Location: Yakima, WA USA
Notes: I bought it off my firend 2years ago, but it has some good mods done to it: elect. ingition,new dash, and limited slip rearend. I hope to put a 3.4L v6/350 small block in it in the next year some time. E-mail me somes tips please thanks


LUV: 1979 Show Truck
Name: Brandon
Location: Martinez, GA USA
Notes: Well I bought my 79 luv barely running fixed it and its still running the motors never been rebuilt its got over 400,000 miles on the original motor and still going. I'm fixing to body drop it, it's a show truck right now ive got hydraulics on it full crush interior from the floor to the top, shaved door handles, shaved tail lights, shaved antenna. I'm going for first place with this one.


LUV: 1978 Daily Driver
Name: Jim
Location: Fairfield, CA USA
Notes: I brought my truck in 1981, put a 68 vett. motor in it in 82. A strong 327, with a saganal 4 speed tranny, a Ford 9 in. rearend with 350 gears. Since then I`ve put a 350 turbo tranny with a shift kit changed teh gears to 308 for the highway. Its driven daily, just finished shaving the handles, and putting a rollpan on the rear. I recessed the license plate into the tail gate and trying to prepare it for paint instead of the black primer. but its a great truck and I always looking for parts.


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Danny Pinson
Location: Medina, TN USA
Forum Name: Danny Pinson
Notes: Bought this truck for my son when he was 15. He is now 31 and it has been setting in my shop for 10 yrs. Got it running last month and it is a classic. Has the Calif customizing with step side bed, mag wheels, snap on cover and wood trim on the bed. I would like to keep it to show, but don't have time. Will be selling it soon.


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