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LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: James Kuper
Location: Sutherlin , OR USA
Forum Name: jk's80_4x4_luv
Notes: well my truck its been a good one i put the weber 32/36 dgev carb on and swaped the head cause original warped on me and its got the G200 head and put the diamond plate alum kick plates on floor and around both sticks and a tach and a cd player Later on i want to put a either a twin turbo or a single on my lil luv and also swap cam out and intake offenhauser o and header and body lift 3" some other stuff i will have to take pics of mods later when i get some more cash flow


LUV: 1982 4x4
Name: Casey Vancleave
Location: Graettinger, IA USA
Forum Name: casey
Notes: 4x4 luv with a deisel and 30 inch tires flat bed with dual crome stacks coming out the flat bed


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Cory Fletcher
Location: Omak, USA
Forum Name: CorBoy
Notes: My Luv is a 79 with a after market fiber glass step side box. a 3.8 leter V-6 turbo, choped 411 rear end. and custom cab. i need ground effects.


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: David Von Ruden
Location: WA USA
Notes: I bought my truck on Jan. 1st,2004 for $250 and everthing works great the only thing is is my piolet bearing i have to replace. I have taken it wheelin and does great better than i thought it would do. It's a Mikado! Not that great of a differance. But it has some rust spots.


LUV: 1972 Daily Driver
Name: Toby
Location: EaglePoint, OR USA
Forum Name: luvnit
Notes: This is my second luv.I bought it at a car lot for $300. It had new chrome wheels and new tires. Its primer gray (currently) Has the stock motor which I hope to soon change over to a 350. My first luv I traded an Iroc for straight across. That luv already had a 350 in it and was racing orange. It had luv350 air brushed on the sides of the front fenders. Anybody from Modesto CA would definently remember that truck. Hated to sell her.


LUV: 1978 On/Off Road
Name: Colin Hinshaw
Location: Elon, NC USA
Forum Name: 78MELLOYELLO
Notes: One tough truck, its my very first truck and its been a good one, had a lot of good times with it. pretty much stock, except for straight pipe,bucket seats out of late 70's chevy full size,electric fuel pump, chrome nissan wheels, and custom front roll pan w/fog lights, makes this luv look like no other.


LUV: 1980 Street/Strip
Name: Robert Stanhope
Location: Houston, TX USA
Forum Name: junction34
Notes: This will be that fastest luv truck one day. Man I need money bad first though


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: Casey Castle
Location: Independence, OR USA
Notes: My luv is pretty much a stock luv. I rebuilt the stock 1.8L and had it painted orginal yellow. It is 2WD, short box, mikado pickup. I put 15in aluminum wheels with low profile tires.I lowered it 2in from stock height. I put two kicker solo barics L7 subs behind the seat with a kicker 1200 watt amp, sony xplod 6.5in speakers in the doors, a eqaulizer and to finish my sound package, I put in a sony 200 watt cd player. I would like to find a good pair of bucket seats and a fiberglass canopy. Please give me a e-mail.


LUV: 1979 Daily Driver
Name: Joe Frisbee
Location: Las Vegas, NV USA
Forum Name: Dracosshadow
Notes: It's still the way I bought it exept for a few dings here and there. I Luv my Luv. It gets me around pretty well, just really hard to find parts for it. Hoping to do put a 350 in it one day. Just need to get the money and time to do it.


LUV: 1981 On/Off Road
Name: Gareth McGee
Location: Raytown, MO USA
Forum Name: Rigel
Notes: 81, 4x4 4spd Just got it running after 6 years of sitting in my parents back yard. I use it now for keeping my Lesabre T-Type out of bad weather, and for jobs that take a truck to do.


LUV: 1976 Street
Name: Michael Bledsoe
Location: Sacramento, CA USA
Forum Name: Mike
Notes: Light blue '76 LUV needs a new home! Truck in original condition except for wheels, exterior mirrors and radio. Needs engine work, dashboard and another radio. Body has a few dings, but is basically good. 116,700 miles. Fix up or part out. Original owner. Make offer. Can email photos.


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Ruby G. Perez
Location: Crystal City, TX USA
Forum Name: tazluvr
Notes: This was my dad's first truck, then it was my brother's now its mine. Its been het twice by druck drivers on my street, but dad never gave up on her when they said it was a gonner, now its my job to make her up like new for my younger brother.


LUV: 1981 Street
Name: Jody Lawrence
Location: Selma, CA USA
Notes: I bought my truck 3 days ago for 100$.Its going to be black with neon pin strip lowered 4in off the ground.With a neon under ground kit and 15 in luxor rims. I will have a camper shell with 10 10's subwoofers in the bed and 2 behind the seat/4 fultron tweeters/6 1000 watt amps.Its has a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine with 2.5 in pipes and a bumble bee muffler.


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Kyle Reynolds
Location: Sweet Home, OR USA
Forum Name: i scored a freebie
Notes: i am 17, a guy i know gave me a 4x4 luv, it has a a knck in the top end, but i have never heard it run because the motor is out of it. me and my dad are going to rebuild the engine. i am no stranger to this kind of stuff, i have a 78 two wheel drive chevy big 10, and, it is a beater, and a 72 ford f-100 4x4 that is lifted 4 inches, 351 cleveland, custom power steering, etc. if you have any advice on how to fix it, please e-mail me, or if anyone knows about any books on how to rebuild the engine, it would all be much appreciated.


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Adam Wright
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA USA
Notes: Original motor, just starting restoration, I need a few stock parts like the back bumper etc. E-mail me with parts


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Jeff Cotner
Location: Salem, OR USA
Notes: It's a piece, But the body is straight, it runs and it was only 200.00. It will get better, WE HAVE THE TECHNOLIGY!!!!!!!!!!!!


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Shawn Black
Location: Woodland , CA USA
Forum Name: shawny-B
Notes: My little luv 4x4 is the coolest truck in the world. I don’t have any pictures yet but I will when I put on my 3 inch body lift and some 31 inch tires. After I do the body lift I'm gunna do a straight axle conversion and put full size 1/2 ton axles on it then it will be the coolest thing on the road.


LUV: 1974 Street/Strip
Name: Erik Ferguson
Location: Franklin, KY USA
Notes: Shaved with vette tail lights, Runs 12.6's in the 1/4 mile; Runs 8's in the 1/8 mile, 15 inch hoosier drag radials, Weld wheels, 350 bored 40 over, Aluminum heads, 3 inch cowl hood, Flowmaster exhaust, Ford 9 inch rearend, 350 turbo tranny, B&M shifter


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Justin
Location: Raisin City , CA USA
Forum Name: damainplaya
Notes: I have one 1980 Cali edition step side bed, ac, original factory black paint & custom pin striping. My second is a 1978 stock Luv. It's a parts truck. My plans when I'm done rebuilding the 80' is to bag the 78' leaving just the rolling chassis and using the truck for competition air bag hopping.


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: KC Wagner
Location: Falls City , OR USA
Notes: I'm 16 years old and got the truck when i was 15 we traded a 1976 Chevrolet Luv with a chevy small block 350,TH350 and Ford nine inch rear end. but my parents wanted something i wouldn't kill my self in so we traded it. but the kid we traded said the motor was blown. but a little tweeken on the carb and a header solved the problem. The luv know has a new paint job, header, rollbar, tires, New clutch, Tach, Grant Steering wheel, and bucket seats out of a 1989 Jeep Cherokee, and also a pioneer CD player and soon a flow master with duel outlets so i can run duel exhaust out the back. The best thing about my truck is you can't hurt it. Later I would like to add a solid front end out of a toyota, a lift, and maybe a V8 or big V6,


LUV: 1978 Street/Strip
Name: Jacen
Location: Salem, OR USA
Forum Name: foxarelly
Notes: Primer Gray 350/350 10 Bolt Rear Its My HONDA SMASHER.


LUV: 1973 Daily Driver
Name: Matt Price
Location: Fuquay-Varina, NC USA
Forum Name: admyank
Notes: I used to own a 1977 Luv, RED. A 1980 4x4 (Luved it!), and a 1981 Mikado. Now I am trying to resurrect a 1973. Been doing love trucks for nearly as long as I have been a driver.


LUV: 1975 Street
Name: Vann Blankenship
Location: Bremen, GA USA
Notes: It has a built chevy 4.3 v6 4bbl with a 700R4 tranny and a B&M ratchet shifter with 411 gears. It's fun to drive.


LUV: 1980 4x4
Name: Marty Kennedy
Location: St. Helens, OR USA
Forum Name: FRoG, man
Notes: Well, the FRoG is nearly done... it's alive, it stops, and it steers. Since my last post of nearly a year ago, lots has gone on. I found a plastic post Quadratrac Wagoneer fuel tank to clear the new driveshaft. It was built by the best driveshaft shop on Earth: Driveline Service of Portland. (a little bias for I worked there 20 years ago.) Little by little and with some help from my friends we got the cab mounted on homemade brackets. That took the longest time of anything to set up. But once it was done, it ain't going anywhere. The engine after nearly two years of sitting, started right up and the 5 speed Trooper tranny is way quieter than the 4 speed it originally had. The box is mocked up for now, I'm still deciding to bob it or leave it. Somehow that dreaded 'import' overhang remains.. but then again I like the Chevy 6'8" idea of their short box. Once I refit the front fenders to match the front wheels' location it shouldn't look as weird. Bigger tires would help too. But I'll let the pics speak for themselves. It's turning out to being quite the project. In the Bible it says, "Nothing is impossible with God." Given that I'm what they call, "Low vision" or on the ragged edge of legally blind in the best eye... I can attest to the fact that verse is true. May the testimony and the pics be an encouragement to anyone out there who's going through hard times. Just gotta hang in there, trust Jesus, and go for it. Shalom, Marty


LUV: 1977 4x4
Name: Nic
Location: Albany, OR USA
Forum Name: bajaman
Notes: I bought it for cheap and it has a 9 inch supsesion lift on it with 31" tires, still has stock 4 clinder with 4 speed tranny, it is a good truck , have not been stuck yet


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