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LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Peter Nudi
Location: Napa, CA USA
Forum Name: nudiluvtruck
Notes: Original baby blue 1980 Luv 4x4. Very Clean daily driver & winery work truck.


LUV: 1976 Street
Name: Hal Slayden
Location: Homestead, FL USA
Forum Name: HTLuv
Notes: Mikado 2wd


LUV: 1977 Daily Driver
Name: Jimmy Patterson
Location: Pickens, SC USA
Forum Name: Jimmy
Notes: Had it since 1994 fixing it up!


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Nathan Bennett
Location: Pocatello, ID USA
Forum Name: ennbenn72
Notes: Rescued from the scrap yard. Rebuilt from the ground up with my own flair!


LUV: 1979 Daily Driver
Name: Bryan Reid
Location: Tonkawa, OK USA
Forum Name: BinFordBry
Notes: Beautiful Michigan Find!!!! Overall very clean!! the step side bed, the straight body, no rust, under 40,0000 original miles, moon caps and beauty rims!!!! 1.8L, 4-cyl, 4-spd....SO EXCITED!!!! We can't wait to hear from y'all!!! -Bry & Cat Tonkawa, OK, USA


LUV: 1979 Street
Name: Rick T
Location: Morgan Hill, CA USA
Forum Name: rmt64
Notes: Truck has been in my family since early 80's


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Jadan Cantu
Location: Dyersburg, TN USA
Forum Name: Dont have a unsername
Notes: It was my grandfathers that I enherated at 12. im working on it my self at 13 and look for me on Tik Tok.


LUV: 1974 Daily Driver
Name: Gay Ann Williams
Location: Carson City, NV USA
Forum Name: Gay Ann
Notes: Purchased 1979,second owner, it is a good work truck, but then it was restored, over the 43 years, no modifications, the engine was remanufactured at Spokane, Washington 2008, all duplicate original parts. I have all the invoices, repair orders to go with the truck, Mileage is aprox.16,000 on engine. the Odometer failed, as the plastic wheels would not work then. It works now. The new paint job and body work is worth the money I paid for it. 2021.


LUV: 1979 4x4
Name: Matt Lyson
Location: East Glacier Park, MT USA
Forum Name: Mattlyson
Notes: 4x4, 29 miles to the gallon, and lightweight modifications from rust displacement


Name: Julian
Location: Dripping springs, TX USA
Forum Name: J Luv
Notes: It a yellow Mikado 1980 automatic and I have aways liked these truck I have two C10 and now I have added a luv into the mix.


Name: Kaden Alcorn
Location: Watauga, TX USA
Forum Name: Bananajoe


Name: Harmony Switzer Tryon
Location: Mckinleyville, CA USA
Forum Name: Makinluvster
Notes: My LUV is not a ricer, she has all original, stock parts. I got her with only 82k miles, from the original owner who had bought her new. She has only had two owners including myself. I have since reupholstered the interior and replaced most of the lines, gaskets, ect. (general maintenance). Haven’t decided if I want to repaint her or keep the patina.


LUV: 1981 Street
Name: Bill Tomes
Location: Seward, NE USA
Forum Name: Nebilly
Notes: Just bought this 81 at an auction in Lincoln, Ne. 13,000 orig. miles. Just going to drive it to the farm during the summer months. So far I luv it to death.


Name: Patrick Lucarelli
Forum Name: Teamphooey
Notes: 1976 Chevy Luv Mikado. Body nearly flawless/interior needs some "LUV". Rebuilt 1.8 litre....


LUV: 1980 Daily Driver
Name: Briana Casillas
Location: San Diego, CA USA


LUV: 1978 Daily Driver
Name: john f leitner
Location: Mesa, AZ USA
Notes: 1978 that I found in North Dakota. All original truck, and having a heck of a time finding parts.


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: Brooks Kienitz
Location: Lakewood, CO USA
Forum Name: brooks kienitz
Notes: picked up the truck 1 year ago sold evry car i owned at the time and have been driving the luv ever since! the truck runs great! just trying to keep it on the road.


LUV: 1972 Street/Strip
Name: Steven Lopes
Forum Name: DR.SteeLuv
Notes: Highly modified zz4 th400 gear vendors narrowed rear end Eaton trutrac custom 31 spline axles. Custom rims 325 50 r 15 drag radials. Front rims also custom made wrapped with 185 70 r 15 Light, powerful, and very fast.Is fun to drive.


LUV: 1976 Daily Driver
Name: Caleb Mizell
Location: Kerrville, TX USA
Notes: Really love this. It says 29k on the dash and wouldn't surprise me if it does. It's a automatic, 2wd, has headache rack with lights. Baby blue with the origin paint. Just had the head milled and gasket replaced. Good to go!


LUV: 1980 Show Truck
Name: Renee Gardon
Location: Delevan, NY USA
Forum Name: Catlady13
Notes: Great find this truck is a little mystery to me everyday


LUV: 1975 Street
Name: Jim Carranza
Location: Woodland, CA USA
Forum Name: Jim C.


LUV: 1980 On/Off Road
Name: Steve Sarchet
Location: Prudenville , MI USA
Forum Name: ssupnorth
Notes: Very Original Stock 1980 4x4 Barn find with 34,500 miles.


LUV: 1980 Street
Name: Tony Capra
Location: Monrovia, CA USA
Forum Name: TC glassman6
Notes: Original owner and in mint condition and would like info and advice on issues with truck.


LUV: 1977 Street
Name: Keith
Location: Wilsonville, OR USA
Forum Name: KJR
Notes: 350/350, 10 bolt. molded-in and re-skinned tailgate.


LUV: 1972 Street/Strip
Name: mike gillespie
Location: Mount vernon, WA USA
Forum Name: 72 pro street luv
Notes: did all the work my self


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